Don’t Let Damp Spoil Christmas

You can tell it’s winter. It’s dark outside when we leave work and it’s cold at night so we’re putting on an extra layer or two.

Sure enough winter will come, bringing the cold and damp with it. But at least that’s outside of the house, imagine being cold and damp permanently – indoors!

Some people this winter will be unfortunate enough to suffer from damp in the home. Damp occurs as a result of intrusion from outside the home, or from condensation from within.

Older buildings are the most likely to have structural dampness inside them because of the ageing materials used way back when it was constructed and because of natural wear and tear. However if you’re unlucky enough to get fungi or rot growing in the wood, you could end up with a real health issue too: sick building syndrome (SBS).

SBS is most commonly associated with damp properties because they fail to introduce a decent source of air quality in the home. It can cause sensory irritation of the eyes, nose, throat; neurotoxic or general health problems. These include skin irritation, nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions and odour and taste sensations.

None of these symptoms are particularly pleasant at any time of the year, but imagine getting bogged down with them at Christmas; a time when we should be embracing and enjoying family life. Living in a damp home will certainly make for a miserable Christmas for all the family.

Thankfully there is protection and cure. Damp proofing offers homeowners the chance to eliminate damp without having to buy a new home. From the outside, proper water resistant paint can lend a hand. Inside, other barriers and paints can be applied to areas that are in contact, or likely to be in contact, with wet areas such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Just because a property is damp doesn’t mean that it has to spoil Christmas this winter. There are plenty of cheap and easy ways of combating damp that will last.

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