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Space4Lease shares uplifting ballad "Dot" (Middle of Nowhere debut)

"Space4Lease's keyboardist, singer and chief songwriter Grayson Hamm said he wanted to end "Hiraeth" with an uplifting sentiment. 

"(The song) was just kinda questioning everything," Hamm told The Oklahoman. "Where do you go when you die? I think, for me, it’s a personal connection of I hope you find what you’re looking for. ...  I'm writing music for people that truly care about our society, their lives and being positive influences."

"Dot" is a dreamy piano ballad with the friendly vibes of an early Coldplay song that's made all the more beautiful with tenderly-placed strings. It's the equivalent to looking up to the stars, taking a deep breath and realizing things will most likely be alright." 

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Cellar door: the everyone frequency

Space4Lease Finds Its Voice in a Microcosm of Diversity

"Space4Lease's unique blend of influences, then, is a wonderful way to connect with fans in Oklahoma and beyond. The band taps into a variety of sounds, but it does so with a universal message that is strung through the arc of Hiraeth—we are all subject to the human condition.

As Blythe said, "We want other people to accept us from our music, but also, we want our music to help other people accept each other."

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Choose Your Own Interview w/ Space4Lease

"This interview was used as a basis for a write-up on Space4Lease that you can read here. Featured are Grayson Hamm (lead vocals, keyboards), Walt Blythe (guitar), and Brandon Brewer (bass, vocals). Wes Belk (drums) was absent from this interview.

In this interview format, the subject chooses from categories to determine which questions are asked. Each category has a varying degree of control, both on the part of the interviewer and the interviewee. This structure is designed to empower the subjects interviewed as well as broaden the topics discussed."