Increase in demand for Quartz worktops in kitchen

Are you thinking about redesigning the kitchen room of your home? The first thing that you should think about is kitchen worktop. When the question arises about kitchen worktops people now prefer to use quartz kitchen worktops in place of granite worktops. It’s not only because quartz worktops are the latest fashion statement for interior kitchen designing. It is also for various other reasons that prove the how much importance quartz worktops hold in today’s time.

The following factors prove the usefulness of quartz stones:-

  • Content of the stone – as per the content of the stone is considered, it has 97% (approx.) natural quartz and 10% (approx.) polyester. It makes the stone looks just like granite. Such content also makes the stone quite strong.
  • The stone’s color, thickness and the finish look makes it look unique from the other stones. That’s why many people use it to make their kitchen look sophisticated.
  • This stone is also available in various designs.

These factors show why quartz worktops are so useful. Along with this, there are few disadvantages that you need to remember. Though salespeople say that quartz worktop won’t get damaged even after using it repeated times, but there is no guarantee. There are few precautions that you need to know for protecting the quartz worktop from getting damaged:-

  • Don’t put the hot cooking pots directly on the worktop. Such heat may cause permanent damage on the worktop.
  • Don’t put uneven glass bottle can scratch over the surface of the top. The fraction that occurs may create scratch.  It’s best to use something in between the glass bottle and the worktop.
  • If the edge of the tables is not cut properly, cracks may appear on the surface of the worktop.
  • Clean the worktop immediately if any liquid gets spilled over the worktops. Otherwise stain may appear and it will make the table look dirty.

These are some of the essential factors you need to remember while using quartz worktop on regular basis.

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